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Every season on safari brings different sights and experiences. Winter means beautiful crisp days, beautiful morning frosts and plenty animals getting their fill of winter grazing!


With the cold winter days it can be hard to drag yourself out of your nice heated house, but never fear, a trip to the safari doesn’t mean frozen fingertips! With a 5 mile safari drive, you crank the heating up, get your hot chocolate and set out on your very own winter adventure.


Here’s our top tips to make the most of your visit on those chillier days.


Frosty mornings

As the sun first hits the safari it can be pretty cold out, but this brings with it a layer of beautiful frost on the ground. Not to mention the animals heading out for their first meal of the day, leaving footprints in the frost. GORGEOUS! Bring that camera you got for Christmas and get some spectacular shots!


Grab a coffee

There’s no better treat on a chilly day than a nice hot drink! Head to our café for a morning coffee to set you up for the day. Maybe you’re a tea drinker, or a hot chocolate lover, or maybe you just fancy a tasty treat, we’ll have something for everyone, just come in and see us.


Heat it up

The beauty of our safari drive is that you can stay snuggly in your own car! Turn up the heating, set your own temperature and wrap up warm. Time for a toasty adventure!


Winter warmers

If your belly is grumbling, come back to the Oasis Restaurant for a homemade hot meal. Our tasty menu will leave you drooling like a lion!


Wrap up like a tiger

It’s not just about the toastie safari drive though! Get out into nature and explore the Foot Safari. The Amur Tigers are our favourite Russian members of the family. These big cats are well equipped to deal with temperatures well below our British winters, so wrap up warm like a tiger and come and visit them.


Get some epic shots

The best thing about winter is those epic photographs! The winter time provides the perfect backdrop for anyone, whether you have a fancy camera, or just your phone. Winter means capturing the Bison’s cold breath, or the lions taking shelter in the trees.


Amazing animal moments

There’s one thing our rhino, tapir and hogs all have in common. They love rolling in the mud! Winter in Merseyside means there’s plenty of puddles for your little monkeys and our big animals to play in.


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