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Over the last few months our rhino have had an exciting time. We’ve had new arrivals, new friendships and our 3 rhino, Meru, Jabari and Winnie moved back onto the drive after their winter holiday on the foot safari! Now, after all the excitement and everyone has settled, we’re proud to say we have the largest crash of white rhino in the UK, with a total of 10 rhino!

Over an area of 65 acres our rhino roam across 2 paddocks. New male Pembe arrived first, a handsome male who, when fully matured may play a vital role in the successful breeding of this beautiful animal.

Next, Keeva arrived all the way from Augsburg zoo in Germany. She’s 3 years old and has already settled in with seasoned safari explorers Winnie and Piglet.
Watch as she arrived in the dead of night, ready to begin her adventure.

Last to arrive was little Bayami. At just under 3 she’s small in stature, but big in heart. She’s closer in size to baby Jabari and has found some initial close bonds there. Watch as she arrived at Knowsley Safari from Amneville zoo in France, and began to settle in with the rest of the crash.

With Bayami joining the safari family, this made 10 white rhino, and the largest crash of white rhino in the entire UK. White rhino are the largest of the rhino species. Did you know that there are 5 types of rhino! You may have heard of our white rhino and maybe even black rhino, but there are also Indian, Sumatran and Javan rhinos too!


Find out how our GIANT crash is helping conservationist out in the wilds of Africa using drone technology!

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