We're a Children’s University Destination!

What is Children’s University?

Children’s University is a charity that offers children aged 5-14 an opportunity to learn outside the classroom and outside school hours. It focuses on rewarding participation, raising aspirations and encouraging engagement with learning- which is what the Learning and Discovery team at Knowsley are all about, so it was a perfect partnership for us.

How it works

Children collect credits for every activity they take part in, these credits add up to awards. At Knowsley Safari there are three opportunities for children to gain credits: public talks, guided tour, intrepid explorer kids club.

Public talks

Throughout the season from February half term to October Half term we run public talks on a number of different animals at weekends and during school holidays. Children can attend all the talks in a day while visiting the safari to gain a credit in their Children’s University passport. They will be encouraged to volunteer during the talk, dress up, answer questions, remember facts and ask questions. To find out the times for the talks follow this link. For children to gain a stamp they must attend at least 4 talks and answer a couple of questions from the Discovery Assistant delivering the talk.

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Guided tours

Guided tours are offered at Knowsley Safari to encourage learning and discovery around our 5 mile safari drive. They can either be as part of a school trip, a trip on the baboon bus or as a VIP tour with the family. Children are encouraged to ask questions and think about the different animals we have on the safari. For children to gain a stamp they must complete a trip around the safari with a guide and answer a couple of questions from their guide at the end of the safari.

Intrepid explorer kids club

Intrepid explorers is a kids club for 7-10 year olds. It runs for 5 days, Monday- Friday, over the summer holiday. The programme includes animal activities, games and crafts all linked to animal themes and learning outcomes. Children will be having so much fun they won’t even realise they are learning! For more information on intrepid explorers and available dates check the kids club pages. At the end of the programme children will receive 10 stamps in their passport, which equates to 2 stamps per day.

Not part of the Children’s University yet?

Click here for more information on Children’s University and how to register your child!

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