Category: Ungulates

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Found in West, Central and Eastern Africa, all bongo managed in zoological collections are of the Eastern subspecies which, over the last few years, has further declined in numbers to a critical level. These beautiful forest antelope are endangered through loss of habitat. They are often found alone or in very small groups, and are also extremely powerfully built. Bongo are equipped with a pair of very usable horns which, when combined with aggression, create a formidable defense.

Image of an Adult Bongo

Bongo are a nocturnal forest antelope found in tropical jungles of Africa.

They are one of the largest species of antelope

Both male and female bongo have horns which spiral slightly.

They have a long prehensile tongue for grasping vegetation

Bongo are herbivores and feed on tree or bush leaves, grasses, fruits and other vegetation.

Central African tropical jungles.

Bongo are Near Threatened which means they are at risk of extinction. Human pressure on their habitat has caused a rapid decline in wild populations.

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